Beijing Bravo Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (Bravo Entertainment) is a well-known company that focuses on organizing large-scale international music activities. It enjoys the exclusive rights to host various international music festivals in China, including the SUMMER SONIC. Also, as the pioneer in the entertainment industry, Bravo Entertainment owns the exclusive authorization of GRAMMY Festival China. So far, it has launched local music activities and global concert tours for the famous artists, such as LADY GAGA,DAVID GUETTA,JAMIROQUAI, EXO, KORN, LIMP BIZKIT, and JACKY CHEUNG. Always pursuing for the excellence, Bravo Entertainment has expanded its business into artists’ management, offering one-step services for the artists, performances and other artist agencies. Besides, it has established partnerships with companies in the field of games, racing, sports, thus providing different forms of creative activities and products.


  • Hao Liu(CHINA)


    Is mainly in charge of the implementation and public relations for the large-scale IP projects. Graduated from The Central Academy of Drama, he was the former captain of the Second Hand Rose Band. In 2003, he set up Shanghai Duyi Culture Company, and introduced the world top shows such as River Dance, The Magic of David Copperfield into China. He was the Director of Mei Ah Entertainment, the Executive Vice President of Huana Bailu Culture Company, the Director of Beijing Chengxiang Xing Culture and Arts Co.,Ltd., and the Executive Vice President of Beijing Lekai Fude Culture development Co., Ltd.

  • Nick Feng(CHINA)


    Has been exposed to western music since the age of ten. Majoring in English Linguistics and Literature in college, he generated a great interest in western culture. He was the co-founder of Modern Bandsman, a popular magazine promoting the brand culture on campus. He has organized about one hundred performances since 2004. With rich operation experience relating to performances both at home and abroad, he has developed a deep understanding of the difference between performance landing and implementation. He is expert at integrating resources to ensure the smooth running of the events. He has served in the operation of the following performances, the Steve Vai, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Summer Sonic Shanghai, Jamiroquai, Big Bang, YG Family, Beijing Storm Festival, Guangzhou Storm Festival, etc. Also praiseworthily is the success of AOMG tour and CL tour in North America.

  • Marco Rios(CHILE)


    Senior Vice-President and Promoter Representative. He is in charge of international content, talent buyer and business development. His career spans over 15 years in Live Entertainment business.  Marco has promote a high profile artists, including Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, Paul McCartney, Roger Waters and among others. He, also, has been nominated multiple time as "Music Industry Figure of the Year" by MITS Awards (2013 - London, U.K.); "Best Gig of the Year - Lady Gaga" by TimeOut Dubai Awards (2015 - Dubai); "Best Music Event - Lady Gaga" by Ahlan! Awards (2015 - Dubai); "Best Concert and Production - Lady Gaga" by Hype Awards (2015 - Dubai). Also he has won a multiple awards, like "Best Management & Business Model"  and "Best Promoter of the Year" by A.R.T.E. (2008/2010 - Madrid, Spain)

  • Nike Pan(TAIWAN)


    Senior Vice-President, Overseas Business. He is mainly in charge of early liaisons of international IP and the implementations of overseas projects. He has worked as the former principal of Disney intellectual property rights, and the managing director of former Xoundforce Artists management. He made recordings of the albums and singular tracks for singers like Don't Let My Tears Stay over the Night by Chyi Chin, Love Titanic by A Mei, and Chicken Chic by Gigi Leung.


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