"Michael Learns to Rock" China Tour



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Michael Learns To Rock is back here!
Michael Learns To Rock has had many tours in Asia
Many of them in China
No matter where they go, they always create a sensation 

Especially, Take Me To Your Heart 
Has been one of the most popular songs worldwide
Earlier this year
Michael Learns To Rock was rated as “Most Popular Foreign Band”
The returning of Michael Learns To Rock brings an aftertaste of the classic and the extension of love 
Since released in 2004, 
Take Me To Your Heart has accompanied its fans to go through the immaturity and confusion in adolescence in 13 years  
Michael Learns To Rock will continue to safeguard this genuine belief in love
It will picture the eternality of love again on the special tour
This year is the 30th anniversary of Michael Learns To Rock 
The clasp of time has wrinkled the faces
But the best memories and voices never go away
And the classic and love is forever remembered